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Paw Claw Colorful Caps

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Retail: $19,95 Today: $9,95  Paw Claw Colorful Caps

You can get those Safety Paw Claw Colorful Caps for your cat, but only for a limited time in half price! 

They are non-toxic and simple kitten claw caps that can protect you from scratching by your kitten effectively.
Made of high quality rubber material, very soft and comfortable for your pets comfort.
Also it will make your cat or dog stand out!


  • Material: Rubber/ Silicone 
  • 20 claw caps + non toxic adhesive
  • Sizes:
    • XS: Fit: 0.5kg-2.5kg(1.1-5.5lb),  Width: 0.5cm(0.20inch), Length: 0.9cm(0,35inch)
    • S: Fit: 2.5kg-5.0kg(5.5-11lb),      Width: 0.6cm(0.24inch), Length: 1.2cm(0.47inch)
    • M: Fit: 5.0kg-7.5kg(11-16.5lb),   Width: 0.7cm(0.28inch), Length: 1.2cm(0.47inch)
    • L: Fit: 7.5kg-10kg(16.5-22lb),     Width: 0.8cm(0.31inch), Length: 1.2cm(0.47inch)
    • XL: Fit: 10kg-15kg(22-33lb),       Width: 0.9cm(0.35inch), Length: 1.2cm(0.47inch)
    • XXL: Fit: 15kg-25kg(33-55lb),     Width: 1.2cm(0.47inch), Length:1.7cm(0.67inch)

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        STEP 1: Trim the tip of your pet's nails. Trim just enough to allow the nail cap to fit all the way to the base of the nail. FOR KITTENS: Do not trim kittens claws before applying Soft Paws. You will need sufficient claw surface for the glue to adhere properly.
        STEP 2: Fill nail caps 1/3 full with adhesive.
        STEP 3: Extend nails by gently pressing thumb on top with index finger on bottom of paw -- slide nail caps onto nail.
        STEP 4: Observe pet for five minutes before release. You can play with your pet or feed some of pet's favorite food to distract for a few minutes.